Dispute resolution and litigation

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Going to court is not the only way to solve a dispute.

Litigation is cost and resource consuming and the outcome is uncertain. A court case could also ruin the future relationship between the parties. With our down-to-earth and pragmatic approach, we always stay firmly focused on finding the best solutions for our clients, whether that be inside or outside of court.

Several of our lawyers are approved by the Norwegian Bar Association as dispute mediators. They facilitate speedy, cost-efficient and confidential dispute resolution.

In some cases, there is no avoiding a court case. Then it is good to know that you have a highly skilled and experienced litigator at your side. The lawyers in our team have a wealth of experience both with litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Lawyers in this field

Kenneth F Markeng

Kenneth Foyn Markeng


Tor Eric crop 9

Tor Erik Heggøy


Arnt New Crop2

Arnt Olaf Stillerud


Trine Edenhammar

Trine Edenhammar


Harald Crop2

Harald Bjelke


Eric Crop

Erik Bruusgaard


Kjetl new crop

Kjetil Baustad Egelie


Anders Crop

Anders Hauger


Kjersti Schiøtz Thorud

Kjersti Schiøtz Thorud


Silvelin 4 A

Silvelin Bratholm

Senior Lawyer

Henning Crop

Henning Solheim

Senior Associate