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Tenden's M&A team have very extensive experience as advisors in the acquisition and sale of businesses, regularly representing both sellers and buyers.

M&A is a major practice area at Tenden, and our dedicated team of experienced specialists is one of the largest transaction teams of any law firm outside of Oslo.

We assist in planning, negotiations and implementations. Thorough and early preparations are crucial, whether you are buying or selling. Surprises may entail major losses or lead to the transaction failing completely.

To the buyer, it is essential to verify that the conditions for the acquisition and the purchase price are met. If that is not the case, the buyer should consider claiming a price reduction or request customised warranties from the seller.

It is also important for the seller to know the business well. There may be a need to prepare for the sale prior to initiating a sales process, and perhaps make changes beneficial to the business before interested parties are invited. It is important that a potential buyer does not get the feeling that the seller lacks control or knowledge. Furthermore, experience shows that circumstances a buyer is made aware of before making an offer, often involves a smaller reduction of the purchase price than matters arising later. The process will also most likely go faster in such cases, and the risk of subsequent claims for price reductions is reduced.

We have extensive experience in conducting due diligence reviews. Such reviews may often become unnecessarily extensive and expensive. Our experience shows that substantial savings may be made by working closely with the client and other advisors in tailoring and planning the process.

We often participate actively in negotiations together with our clients, based on an agreed division of responsibilities with the client and other advisors. Acquisitions require expertise in many different areas of law. Questions related to tax, employment and competition law may for instance be crucial for structuring and completing the transaction. We always carefully select the teams to ensure that the right expertise is available for each case.

Lawyers in this field

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Heidi Aas Larsen


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Eivin Johnsrud


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Odd Gleditsch d.y.


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Anders Hauger


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Thomas Lie


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Terje Dahl Svendsen


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Paal E. Thoresen


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Caroline Jahre Viksand


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Oddmund Håkenstad

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Audun Samnøen

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Mari Borge Rosvold

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Trine Edenhammar