Succession and generational transfers of family businesses

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A successful transfer of ownership of a family business should be planned in due course and well ahead of time.

The transfer of ownership rights in a family business is often a long-winding process where a number of considerations should be taken into account. The first question to arise may be whether to transfer the business to the next generation at all, or whether it should rather be sold to a third party. There may be advantages in assigning the business or assets while senior is still alive. Such a process should be implemented gradually, over time, both out of consideration for the owners and the business as such.

Our services include:

  • Gift certificates.
  • Family agreements or shareholders agreements.
  • Power of attorneys for handling of a person's assets after passing away.
  • Amendments of the articles of association of a business, for instance the establishment of different share classes.
  • Wills.
  • Agreements about transfer of assets to the younger generation.
  • Restructuring prior to and in preparation of a generational transfer, in order to establish an appropriate company structure.
  • Tax related issues, including assessing and optimising tax positions.
  • International issues, for instance where one or more of the parties or the relevant assets are situated abroad.
  • Share purchase agreements.

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