Areas of expertise

Today's family patterns and complex economic arrangements complicate the settlement and division of many deceased's estates.

It is important to evaluate the situation in advance, in order to consider whether the statutory scheme is suitable or whether other arrangements should be made through e.g a will. Unmarried couples where one or both of the parties have children from previous relationships may for instance wish to establish arrangements to accommodate situations where the statutory solution may not be an ideal fit.

Our team of specialist lawyers have extensive experience with planning and implementing any inheritance matters.

The succession of ownership to family businesses is a distinct practice area.

Our services include:

  • Drafting of wills and marriage settlements
  • Questions related to inheritance tax and related taxes
  • Private administration of a deceased’s estate
  • Inheritance disputes
  • All other legal questions related to inheritance Law

Several of our lawyers' act as trustees in the judicial administration of a deceased’s estate pursuant to appointment from the District Court.

Lawyer Hanne Skråmm Espeland is the leader of the Norwegian Bar Association's Inheritance Law Group.

In our podcast "Tendencast" our lawyers Hanne Skråmm Espeland, Christen Agerup and Lene Marie Aas Thorstensen discuss current family and inheritance law issues which everyone should be familiar with.