Are you aware of the legal and financial consequences of being left alone, either through death of a spouse, divorce or break-up with a partner? Do not leave something this important to yourself and your family to coincidence.

The legislation relevant to spouses and unmarried couples living together can be complicated. However, with good and early planning, unfortunate and unexpected consequences may be prevented. Based on our extensive experience in this field we always strive towards finding the best possible tailored and sustainable solutions for each client.

In addition to legal expertise, our lawyers have the insight and understanding beyond just the legal aspects required to handle such assignments.

We also advise in conflicts related to divorces and break-ups for unmarried couples living together, we seek to find amicable solutions, but we also assist in disputes, inside or outside court, when necessary.

We regularly assist when a break-up or death also involves division of businesses or other assets, and then we draw on experience from various expertise in our firm, such as within tax and company law.

Our services include:

  • Marital agreements
  • Agreements between unmarried couples living together
  • Economic settlements in the case of divorce or break-up
  • Joint assistance to couples in case of divorce or break-up
  • Child custody and visitation rights

Lawyer Hanne Skråmm Espeland is the leader of the Norwegian Bar Association's family and inheritance law Group.

In our podcast "Tendencast" (in Norwergian) our lawyers Hanne Skråmm Espeland, Christen Agerup and Lene Marie Aas Thorstensen discuss current family and inheritance law issues which everyone should be familiar with.