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The media and entertainment sectors' need for legal assistance applies across a range of legal areas, such as employment law, technology and digitalisation, tax law, EEA and competition law, as well as IPR and marketing. In addition, a thorough understanding of the regulatory framework, incentive schemes and cross-border regulations, as well as the strategic handling of intellectual property rights, is required.

The media and entertainment business has been subject to fundamental changes in recent times, both nationally and internationally. The most fundamental being the internet as the dominant distribution platform for all kinds of content from all over the world. In Norway the media and entertainment business is dependant on public support schemes, sponsorship deals and professional rights management to create new experiences and to withstand increased international competition.

Our media and entertainment business team has been assisting clients within the media and entertainment sector since before the internet. They are well-versed in the various legal issues arising from the technological developments and are up to date on the trends and legal developments within this sector, both domestically and internationally.

We assist i.a publishers and writers, TV and film producers, museums, the press, sports clubs, gaming manufacturers, artists, designers, agents, distributors and concert and festival arrangers. Tenden also assist a number of Norwegian artists through a frame agreement with the artist organisation Gramart since 2017.

Lawyers in this field

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Harald Bjelke


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Terje Dahl Svendsen


Maja Crop

Maja Marhaug

Senior Lawyer (on leave)