Private investigations

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Private investigation is an increasingly relevant and frequently used tool in clarifying facts and assessing the legal questions and consequences the facts give rise to.

A successful private investigation is characterized by high quality in all parts of the investigation in order to establish the correct facts and in order to ensure that methodology, reporting and legal assessments survive other's critical review. Several investigations have been criticised for the way they were conducted. This undermines the trust in the investigation's findings and conclusions, as well as its value for the client.

Tenden has first rate expertise within investigation and investigation processes and can offer interdisciplinary investigation teams including resources with broad experience from law firms, the courts, police and prosecuting authorities, audit, internal control and investigation. This enables us to solve extensive and complex investigations in a thorough and efficient manner. In addition to carrying out investigations, we assist businesses, individuals and others who are under investigation (including by public authorities). Our lawyers have in several cases revealed serious flaws and shortcomings in the investigations conducted by for example the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime and the Norwegian Competition Authority.

Our services include:

  • Internal investigations, for example in the case of suspected economic crimes or other unwanted incidents
  • Bankruptcy investigations
  • Investigation pursuant to the Norwegian Private Limited Liability Companies Act
  • Strategic advice and assistance to businesses, organizations and individuals who are under investigation
  • Quality control and evaluation of others' investigations
  • Training in investigation and investigation methodology
  • Assistance in relation to following up the investigation report findings, including litigation, contact with public authorities etc.

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