Personal injury compensations and insurance

Areas of expertise

People who experience personal injuries and their families often finds going through a personal injury compensation case a long, cumbersome and challenging process. The reason is statutory requirements set by legislation and case law taking long time to clarify. In most personal injury compensation cases, it will take several years from the accident to the conclusion of the case. In this period, there will be a number of issues the injured must decide on of great importance for the settlement of the claim. Often, it is difficult for the injured to decide on such matters alone.

In relation to personal injuries, we regularly advise in connection with compensatory damages and insurance settlements pursuant to the Norwegian Compensatory Damages Act, the Occupational Injury Compensation Act, patient injury compensation, the main collective bargaining agreement and the Insurance Contracts Act. These provisions govern the practical compensation situations for personal injuries in Norway.

Tenden has extensive experience with claims for damages in personal injury cases.

Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge required to obtain the best possible result as to the compensation.

In many cases legal expenses will be covered by the injured person's counterparty. We offer a free initial meeting for a preliminary assessment of the case.